The best insider tips in Lübeck

On a short trip to the beautiful medival German city of Lübeck, you will probably want to have some insider tips and get to know some of the little treats offered to their customers by the small shops of Lübeck. Or you would like to just hang out and stay at a nice little coffee house. Today I would like to show you some gems of the shops of Lübeck.

The best insider tips in Lubeck

Insider tips in Lübeck: Amaro in the Glockengießerstraße

Amaro in Lübeck

At Amaro, you plunge into the world of coffee and chocolate. Here you will find chocolates of selected European chocolatiers (chocolate makers) from Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, as well as Germany and Austria. If you are looking for just the right taste of chocolate, you will get the best advice here. You will also find fine coffees, selected spirits. The latter are from the world of coffee and chocolate, too. So, if you’d like to know how a chocolate spirite might taste like – this is the place to go. (Glockengießerstraße 67)

Premium cooking oil in the Berkentien Building

The Berkentienhaus (Berkentien Building) is a former glas manufactory, the products of which have been used in the stained-glass windows of the Cologne cathedral, among others. Here you will find a charming little coffee house present varying artistic events as lectures, concerts and the like. The proprietors, family Pörschke, offers the produce of their own olive plantation, branded ULIVETO. These are various delicious oils you can also taste here – nobody has to buy a pig in a poke. you will also find several product based on olives and oil, like cutting boards made of wood of the olive tree or small oil cans used for serving unfiltered oil. (Mengstraße 31)

pimenta-piripiri – the hottest place in Lübeck

Care for some chili-apricose-garlic-grappa-honey-paste? To you spiced food out there, I recommend pimenta-piripiri. Show-owner Angelika Fernandes Costa has made her dream come true with this manufactury of culinary spicy delicacies. Here you can find pastes, vinaigrettes, chutneys, and oils from the spicy variety up to the outright hot one. (Langer Lohberg 9)

Are you hungry yet? If you’d like to immerse yourself into a world of little culinary highlights during your next stay in Lübeck, try and look up the Kultouren of Christoph Rode. Himself a local from a long standing Lübeck family, he offers a humorous-informative-tasty pleasant walk through streets, passages, yards, and shops. He points out all the little details you’d surely overlook on your own, while sparing you too much tedious historic and architectural details. Instead of dry facts you get youcy treats and a glimpse into the precious little shops of the old hanseatic town.

Lubeck, Altstadt

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