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Five Reasons to visit charming Hotel Endsleigh Gardens

Endsleigh – A Cornish Garden dream come true

While staying at wonderful hotel Endsleigh near Tavistock, just at a little river seperating Cornwall from Devon, we had some long walks through the adjacent English Garden. A wonderful path around the garden leads through a wild, breathtaking landscape with a little river, a small waterfall, cliffs and a beautiful plant life. This park has been planned at the beginning of the 19th century by then-famous landscape designer Humphry Repton.

English Gardens: A modern idea

English Garden style arose in the 18th century. Up to then those with the necessary means to employ a little army of gardeners got themselves a French formal garden with its controlled and geometrically styled nature. Have you ever been to a castle, maybe even in Versailles? Then you know, what I’m talking about.

Art in nature or natural art?

As opposed to this, English Gardens are not as strictly gemetric. Focus is rather on an idealised idea of nature than on precisely trimmed hedges. The result is a landscape, just as natural as a composed painting of a landscape. Just as those never show reality as it is, English Gardens are not wildly grown, but rather pieces of art in nature: A piece of art that can be admired, but also walked in and experienced from the inside. Try doing that whith a painting!

English Gardens today


Most English Gardens have been created a little later than the one of Endsleigh, around mid 19th century. They were commissioned by nobility and businessmen. They sent their plant gatherers around the world, who brougth back the most beautiful seeds. In Endsleigh Gardens you wil find an Indian Bean Tree, a Japanese Red Cedar, a giant Sequoia (USA), as well as east asion magnolias.

After World War II, many of these gardens fell into decay, growing wildly and deteriorating. But during the recent decades, more often than not people find in themselves a new passion for them and they are rediscovered and awoken from their slumber.

One more reason to visit


Cornish Tea with Scones, Clotted Cream and marmelade make every visit to gardens in Cornwall and Devon a special delight. Don’t forget to pay the souvenir shops a visit and find your favorite souvenir.

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